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The first showing of ICM's latest episode with Dave Pratt will air on Channel 8 HD on Nov. 19th at 10:30 p.m.
On Inside Creative Minds episode 28, Tray gets to talk with legendary radio personality Dave Pratt. Dave has been an integral part of Arizona's music history and community for decades. From stories about Dave's "shock jock" days to what matters to him most as a person, find out about one of the Valley’s most loved and creative people. ... read more.
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Inside Creative Minds is proud to announce that it currently airs multiple times a day throughout the Valley, and is available to internet users around the world thanks to 24/7 online streaming video. Select one of the stations below that air Inside Creative Minds to view their current programming schedules, or call the phone number provided.

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ICM Mission
The mission of Inside Creative Minds is to use the media of television and the Internet to create a community partner for the cultural and economic benefit of the Valley of the Sun. Inside Creative Minds is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the work, knowledge, passion and talent of the people engaged in a broad range of creative endeavors throughout the Valley. The program connects viewers within and outside of Arizona to the Valley's vibrant creative culture, thereby promoting it to businesses and employees from the area and to other communities throughout the state and other regions.
What is Inside Creative Minds?
Featuring Oliverio Balcells, a Mexican-born visual artist, and Faith-Hibbs Clark, a leading casting director.
Mark Wdowiak, landscape artist and glass artists Adam Frus and Joshua Dopp.
Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, the Executive Director of ASU Gammage and Assistant Vice-President of Culture for ASU, and Don Doyle, the first student production at Gammage.
Joey Bellus and the Director of the Great Arizona Puppet Theater, Nancy Smith.
Nate Anderson, Ear Candy and Dave Andress, lighting director.
Inside Creative Minds gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the Almost Famous Film Festival 48-Hour Challenge.
Woody Wilson, writer of the syndicated newspaper comics Rex Morgan, MD and Judge Parker, and John Kane, founding partner and design principal with Architekton

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